John Huston Portfolio.pdf Weiterlesen – ‘Portfolio’.
Aesthetic Evaluation of Art – Article released by Oxford Press
by Alexander John Huston & Joseph P. Huston Download PDF: Aesthetic Evaluation of Art – A Formal Approach 32 page chapter for the book ART, AESTHETICS and the BRAIN published by Oxford University Press Forthcoming: Art, Aesthetics and the Brain Weiterlesen – ‘Aesthetic Evaluation of Art – Article released by Oxford Press’.
Plattenbau 3.0 Berlin Alexanderplatz
Conversion of a DDR highrise Studio in Berlin – Mitte. The main structure of this building type consists of the load-bearing interior concrete walls, which were made evident in this project. 2.0 (90´s): 3.0 (2016):     Weiterlesen – ‘Plattenbau 3.0 Berlin Alexanderplatz’.
Luftbrücke Berlin – Venedig
  Piano Nobile in a mezzanine – Berlin, Tempelhof, vis-à-vis the Airbridge monument   Weiterlesen – ‘Luftbrücke Berlin – Venedig’.
Light Grey MicroLofts
82 apartments size 40-60 square meter in a 70s concrete wide-rise in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Under construction 2015-2016.   Weiterlesen – ‘Light Grey MicroLofts’.
Architekturmuseum Berlin
J & J Huston´s proposal for the Architekturmuseum Berlin, located between the Technikmuseum and the Sciencemuseum Berlin.   Weiterlesen – ‘Architekturmuseum Berlin’.
KD76 MicroLoft No.1
Structural, technical and facial transformation of three simple flats in Berlin-Kreuzberg. N0.1: Origin: Final:     Weiterlesen – ‘KD76 MicroLoft No.1’.
Budget Rooftop T195
Low budget Rooftop conversion for an impoverished aristocrat in Berlin-Mitté.70m2 Images by Moritz Buchholz Weiterlesen – ‘Budget Rooftop T195’.
In an interdisciplinary project together with the Institute of Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Duesseldorf, we contributed a chapter entitled „Aesthetic evaluation of art“ for a book currently being published by Oxford University Press on ART, AESTHETICS and the BRAIN. This essay deals with the complex issue of multiple attributes (qualia) inherent in (perceived […] Weiterlesen – ‘ART, AESTHETICS and the BRAIN’.
Casa do Professor
Brasilia Casa do Professor was raised on the campus entrance of Universidade de Brasilia. O Centro de Planejamento Oscar Niemeyer and Alexander John Huston created a domicile in honor of the retired and renowned professors of the University of Brasilia, including library, individual work spaces and lecture hall. © CEPLAN Weiterlesen – ‘Casa do Professor’.
Art Hall Expansion
Bremen Competition for the Kunsthalle Bremen Erweiterungsbau Result: Final Round, Award Weiterlesen – ‘Art Hall Expansion’.